The Writer’s Room, another year is over.

A few pictures taken over the past few years, except for the wallaby. I like to share the vistas of this beautiful country and as a writer I find that each picture tells me a story, or contains the seeds of a story. What tales could the shepherd’s hut tell us of the people who have stayed there over the years. I know the story of me with the ale, Lorelle and I were staying in Sydney on our way to Canberra. We were on our way to our hotel, liked the look of the pub and decided to have a drink, or two or three. Anyway she won’t let me put up the pic I took of her. That would be another story.

I know, another sunset but they are colourful.


Took this one this morning, he obviously likes the garden.

Wallaby in garden

The Writer wishing you all a very Happy New Year

The Wrier

A shepherds hut in Kosciusko National Park.

Shepherds Hut

I love this photo, I took it from the passenger seat as we drove along. Yes they are snow clouds, up Kosciusko way.

Road to the clouds

We took a cruise around Sydney harbour on this beautiful little craft.

The old and the new.

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Room, another year is over.

  1. Raani York

    Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful pictures, Laurie! I really enjoyed them – and of course I do wish you and your wife a Happy and successful New Year as well!!!



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