Had to share this, too cute.


Yes it is another wallaby with a little joey head sticking out, I know. Follow the you tube link below the picture and have a live look at him. It isn’t often that one gets to see a joey so young close up. His tail is hairless, you won’t see it in this video but what gets me is that these wild creatures feel so safe a few feet away from me.


Joey Link……    http://youtu.be/yGLybkyFLmw


14 thoughts on “Had to share this, too cute.

  1. Raani York

    Ohhhhh… this is GREAT!!! I envy you for this view and the opportunity to watch something like this. It’s beautiful!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Well you said you’d like to see more of them lounging around the place. We’ve had days where it’s been 107d and they’ve been around the back of the house. Two were lying under the glass topped table and I went out the back door, all you could here was a huge bong as one of them jumped up and hit his head.


  2. Patricia Salamone

    Aw, how cute bro, next I am going to hear that you have opened a reserve. Your photography is getting superb. :o)


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Sorella, thanks. I couldn’t help myself when they turn up near your front door and they are that cute well you just have to take pics and such. I was surprised mum didn’t move away, she sat there while I walked out and sat down. Thanks, I’m feeling happier about my photography.


      1. Patricia Salamone

        You have a great place fratello, I feel the need to visit my brother and his wife one day. The thought of lounging on the patio and watching nature without haveing to walk around, and sipping a drink is such a wonderful thiught. OK I am jealous a little.:o)


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