Out and about from the Writer’s Room.

I think this is better than the previous pink one. Surreal.


Even behind a glass screen at Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo, the King of the Beasts still looks noble.


Some people use pots others recycle old cars at Rosewood, Queensland.

beats a pot plant.

Next time you pop the cork on your favourite tipple, well this is what they come from. A cork tree in Tenterfield, New South Wales.

Cork Tree

A rose in the Botanical gardens in Adelaide, South Australia.

Rose in Adelaide.

One of the many small bays in Sydney Harbour.

Rose Bay, Sydney.

Rush hour in Eulo, Western Queensland.Rush Hour Eulo.

Finally, some pictures speak for themselves, at Cockburn South Australia.

Speaks for itself.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip out and about from the Writer’s Room, there will be more to see next week. Yes that is me in the above photo, there are times when I just can’t help myself.


6 thoughts on “Out and about from the Writer’s Room.

  1. Raani York

    Jeeeez, Laurie… you nearly SHOCKED me to death with your lion!! I seriously frowned for a second, thinking that either I’m wrong with the blogs or missed that you had moved over to Africa. LOL
    You know I love your pics!! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      The Lion is a great pic, don’t show it to Jake, don’t want to scare him. Well it was far from the writer’s Room. We spent a couple of days in Sydney a few years ago, one has to go to Taronga park Zoo.
      Yes, still shocking my readers. 🙂


  2. liz blackmore

    Man, that sunrise is almost blinding. Gloriuos colours, Laurie! I used to live in a town that had a rush hour similar to Eulo. Instead of cattle it was deer. As for your finale



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