It’s Sunday – so it must be cute Roo Day, oh and a flower.

“Hey you, yeah you a couple of hints. Clean your window then get out and fix the spa, it’s hot out here.”

(They’re legs and a tail sticking out of the pouch.)Hey you!

“Excuse me, the big guy over there said if I asked nicely you’d give me a treat.”

Excuse me?

Big guy with long tail, “Well, will he fall for it? Do you reckon he’ll get us some treats, do ya, do ya?”Watching

Took this earlier today, a crucifix orchid surviving against the odds.Crucifix orchid

As you can see I’ve got nothing better to do this morning.


6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday – so it must be cute Roo Day, oh and a flower.

  1. patgarcia

    I meant to tell you I love the picture with the crucifix orchid. You termed it wonderfully, surviving against the odds. How many times have we faced things in life, where around us, the storms of life were raging and we survived. Love that picture.



    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Pat, I’m glad you liked my little crucifix orchid, anything growing in my garden at the moment is there by the grace of God. It is symbolic of how our lives can be, against the odds. We’ve had a ton of rain now so it will be happy for some time to come. I took the pic in a hurry, I wanted something nice for the post, viola there it was.


  2. Raani York

    Laurie – I LOVE your pics. They’re beautiful. I love the comments too you publish them with! 🙂
    And the orchid is fantastic!!!
    What a great post once more!!!



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