It’s a mailbox not a restaurant.

Looking through my photos and I came across these. For those who have trouble collecting their mail here’s another reason to leave the bills where they are. These frogs were the usual inhabitants of our mail box.



We pulled up at the gate one afternoon and saw this hanging out of the mail slot. “Hmmm, I don’t remember asking anyone to send that.”


There he was, five feet long, hungry and didn’t want to come out. I had to lighten the photo so you could see him properly, his head was down the back and he had a large frog halfway down his throat. Three other frogs were in the corner in a state of shock, I managed to rescue them, well as soon as I dragged the snake out they catapulted out of there. He spat the one out of his mouth, reluctantly. The snake was a green tree snake, albeit an angry snake. I used a rake I had in the truck to drag him out and let him go across the road. For some unknown reason my wife refuses to check the mailbox.



16 thoughts on “It’s a mailbox not a restaurant.

      1. Mary Strong-Spaid

        Definitely! All I have is a sweet little bluebird family that likes to live in my newspaper holder. Never occurred to me that I might put my hand in there and run into a snake. We have a black rat snake around here that is about 5 foot long. Not poisonous, but it does eat little things (mice, moles, birds, bird eggs, etc). I’ve never seen it around the mailbox, maybe because it is too close to the road?
        I was watering my plants one hot afternoon and water from the hose was dripping off of my arm. When I looked down, to my surprise, that black rat snake was drinking the water droplets off of my shoe. I didn’t mind. For some strange reason, I am more afraid of spiders than I am of snakes. Probably because I have been bitten by quite a few spiders…..and never bitten (yet) by a snake.


      2. laurie27wsmith Post author

        It is a sweet little family. Found a dove nesting in my hedge and have a great photo of the eggs. 🙂 Sad thing is a 6 foot green tree snake also hunts there. that would have been a great experience having the snake drinking off your shoe. I was bitten by an eastern Brown snake when I was 12. That was nasty. Thanks for sharing my post I had 15 views on it yesterday. 🙂


  1. patgarcia

    Lorelle would not be the only one who refuses to go to the mailbox, I am on her side. Forget the mail! That was some snake and since I don’t care for snakes or frogs, Bro, I would have big problems living in that part of the country.

    Love you.


  2. Raani York

    Jeeeez…. another reason not just to open closed boxes and grab inside without a careful look with protective glasses, gloves, tasers, axes and other weapons…
    Holy cow – the frogs are funny… the snake’s… well, ok… but spiders???? NO WAY!!!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Yes I’m very careful now: stop car, stare at mailbox, get out hit box before unlocking gate, peer inside, unlock and stand back. I love your arsenal of weapons, all designed to kill spiders Hmmm?


      1. Raani York

        You know, Laurie, if I had a ground-air-rocket I’d use that one to kill any kind of spider…
        No injured rhinoceros scares me as much as a spider… with the rampaging rhino I could still roll into a ball, play dead and pray… but a spider that attacks me… means death… painful, horrible, long and suffering death… *sob*


  3. kelihasablog

    Okay this pretty well seals the deal that I’m not getting the mail if I ever come there…LOL. Goodness gracious … I’m glad my box is just plain empty or perhaps has a little mail in it… 😀


  4. Jane Risdon

    Love the photos and the comments. Enjoy popping in now and again and also want to thank you for visiting my blog too….so much and so little time….but well worth the visit, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, catch up again soon either here or on my blog I am sure.



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