The many and varied views from the Writer’s Room.

Sunsets like this one need no introductions.Sunset

Then we add a few bubbles.

sunset bubbles

On the side of the road going over the range heading in to Laidley. Trees don’t let obstacles like rocks get in the way.

Trees and rocks

Trees can stand alone and weather whatever life throws at them. Near the town of Seventeen Seventy, Queensland.Cliff

A Grevillia flower in my front garden, they are more abundant later in the year.

Grevallia flower

This is my pride and joy, a Murraya hedge around the back of our solar shed. It’s in full bloom right now and the flowers smell like orange blossoms.

Murraya Hedge

What do you know, not a kangaroo in sight. Thanks for dropping by.


9 thoughts on “The many and varied views from the Writer’s Room.

  1. patgarcia

    The pictures of the trees standing among the rocks is beautiful and I would love to use it. May I? They are a symbol of life perseverance and the willing to overcome obstacles.
    All of the pictures speak to my heart but the one with the rocks speaks millions of words.
    Thanks Bro.



    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Sis, Any of the pictures I put up can be used as long as people say where they came from. I do like that tree in the rock though. I drive past it when I go into town.


  2. Patricia Salamone

    You are a man with much beauty in your minds eye. I think you missed your calling, instead of law inforcement you should have been a photographer fratello. You are an amazing person with hidden talents. I look forward to your posts, they calm the soul and bring joy to the heart.:o)


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Another aw shucks moment here Sorella. Thanks again for your lovely words. I’ve always like taking photos. I wish digital cameras were around earlier. Law enforcement was the dream but I think that it helped sharpen the eye. I hope to bring more delights your way.



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