Way out from the Writer’s Room

I like the contrasts, besides the sunsets haven’t been all that exciting lately.Sunset

An abandoned church near Burra in South Australia.abandoned church

A Dendrobium Orchid on a tree in our garden.

Dendrobium Orchids

Dundullimal Homestead near Dubbo, New South Wales. Built around 1847 the oldest bungalow of it’s style surviving in Australia.

Dundullimal Homestead

Taken in 2007, if you look way back up the fence line you can see where I started. I split all the posts, dug the holes, drilled the holes in the posts, strung the wire and there was still another hundred posts to go. The dog is a blue cattle dog from up the road. The fence is actually straight, then I did the same on the other side of the property.

me tractor and the fence

I took this photo in South Viet Nam in 1971, when you got bogged there you really got bogged.

sometimes you get bogged

Kangaroos are smart, she’s sitting in the shade from the fire pot, I like to think she’s waiting for her vegetarian pizza.

Waiting for my pizza

I think it is a lovely study of mother and baby, that is her tail hanging out next to her head. taken behind the house.

Mum and Joey

A bit late this week due to problems with our internet satellite dish, having too use the mobile phone attached to the laptop. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.


8 thoughts on “Way out from the Writer’s Room

  1. Raani York

    These are GREAT and fantastic pictures again, Laurie. What I can’t resist is mentioning the “fence”-picture with you doing all that work. This is … W O W… I’d had collapsed.
    I like the dog – and the “ear protectors”… But what are the “things” your wearing from your needs down to your ankles?


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hi Raani, I paced myself doing it and was glad when I’d finished. The things on my legs are to stop sawdust from the chainsaw getting into my boots. You can get smaller ones but these are fashioned off the type men wore in the pioneering days. They called them Bowyangs, strange I know. They keep all the creepy crawleys out as well.:-)


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Keli, good to hear from you. I like the church, well and truly abandoned. The orchid is doing well out in the open. Have limited internet access at the moment so I’m not on too often this week.


  2. Patricia Salamone

    Hi Fratello, what a beautiful, interisting life you lead. I love the photos. They tell a story all there own. :o)



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