The Writer’s Room is back.

I have enough megabytes left to do this post today, I’m running the laptop from my phone. My Turnkey post will be up on Wednesday next week. I took the sunset this afternoon. Basic, simple, a glimpse of nature and her richness.IMAG0225

A view you haven’t seen before, the moon from the back of the house while the sun is setting out front.


Houseboat on the Murray River, Mildura Victoria.

Murray river

Yes, more frogs. I thought you would like to see how messy they can get, yes that’s frog pee on the walls. I think they are heading for a few unfortunate bugs on the ceiling.


Another tree growing in a precarious place, this is on the road that runs through the Flinders Ranges National Park. Flinders Ranges

The usual view when we reach our front gate.


Slab seats on a Pub veranda, Esk, Queensland.

slab timber seats

Sunset from the barge at West Ballina, northern New South Wales. 2012.

sunset at Ballina

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed a view into my world from the Writer’s Room. Laurie.


7 thoughts on “The Writer’s Room is back.

  1. patgarcia

    I love your pictures of trees. I am a tree fan and especially of ones that have grown through rocks or are leaning on clifts etc. Your third picture fascinates me. May I use it?



    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Sis,
      I’m a tree fan, they represent strength and resilience to me. The tree on the Murray river has been through a hard life, you use it Sis,


  2. Raani York

    These pictures are so fantastic!! And those sunsets!!! OMG – They really remind of the beauty of nature and how God gave us these gifts!! I think the frog picture is hilarious. LOOOL Even though I have to admit I wouldn’t like so much walking out the house and finding a frog falling off the wall into my hair. LOOOL


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hi Raani, I love showing the sunsets, the colours amaze me. The frogs well, they get all over the windows and hang around for the bugs. Had a visitor one night, when they left a frog jumped on her face and peed right in her eye. She wasn’t happy. I’m still doing this from my phone so I can’t get back to the blogs, got on facebook, for a few minutes. The technician is coming to fix the satellite dish tomorrow but it’s started raining again. Pardon the pun, it never rains but it pours.


  3. kelihasablog

    Well, except for the FROGS (Millions of them) I’d say it looks like one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen pictures of! Good thing ya’ll don’t hate frogs… LOL 😀 Thanks for the beautiful pictures… colors are amazing…



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