A wet view from the Writer’s Room.

I cannot provide a fantastic, beautiful sunset today, why? Because it is still raining, so on my travels around the garden I thought this Gazania would make a reasonable stand-in.Gazania

Too wet to mow grass, the track looks as if it’s heading into the Amazon and the kangaroos are depressed.

Wet view

We braved the wet and minor flooding and went to town, heading down the track these big fellows stopped and took a look, I like the one in the middle playing peek-a-boo. He’d been looking around the other side first, it’s not a great picture but the phone camera comes in handy.Peek-a-boo Roo

Before the rain began I had a small problem with fungus, I think it’s taken a turn for the worse.Fungus

You are all aware we’ve been having troubles with our internet satellite dish, (it died) well I found this on eBay and the man said he’d install it for only $500.00. Do you reckon it’s a bargain? Seriously it’s at the NASA facility outside of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. Still I reckon you’d be able to download from Alpha Centauri.NASA Satellite dish

The bottom of this photo is where the house is now. We had been clearing deadfalls and rubbish for weeks, it does show what it looks like DRY.

Dry paddock

Now this is what DRY looks like in the wine growing areas of South Australia.Trees

That’s enough whining from me. I tried to connect to other blogs this morning they come up but because of the connection I can’t hit like. Sigh. So I’m going to add three more links to blogs that I follow. I hope you liked my selection today, crazy I know but hey, we’re getting cabin fever up here in the hills. See you next week.

http://russelrayphotos2.com/author/russelrayphotos/    A great site for pics of all types around San Diego, California.

http://crystalchannelers.wordpress.com/author/roweaton/    For all things metaphysical, Sharon is based in Brisbane.

http://jimzshortstories.wordpress.com/author/runninguphillbackwards/    Jim’s site is full of short stories that draw you in, well worth a visit.


4 thoughts on “A wet view from the Writer’s Room.

  1. patgarcia

    I love your pictures. This time I have found two that I would really like to use. The first one is with the yellow flower and the second is with the trees lining the road. May I?


  2. Raani York

    Ooooohhhhh…. more pictures!!
    I like the one with the foot and the mushrooms. *chuckle*
    But your pictures with the “Satellite dish” and your kind of description was really making me laugh!! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures – and your humor, Laurie! You’re great!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Raani, I’m happy you like my foot. I saw the mushrooms and thought what the heck. That satellite dish, ‘ooh precious, I want it,’ what a reception. I might have to go and plug into soon. I will be visiting your blog shortly, you’ll be first on my list. Take care, talk soon,



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