Trying out a new camera away from the Writer’s Room.

All the photos this week were taken with a borrowed Canon SLR camera, an 18 megapixel one at that. I have no sunset today, however here is the front yard as the sun rises.Sunrise

Naturally the Roos came out last night and this morning. Mum and Joey looked delightful especially with where joey has his legs.

What's my leg doing up there Mum.

I thought he looked handsome with the sunlight on his face, he is about 80 metres from the house.

What a handsome Roo

 This pair was creeping through the end of the bottom shed, I love the shadow.

Shadow Roo

 Real men play with real trains.

Playing with trains

A two story building in town, built in 1905. The ferns have found themselves a place to stay.

Ferns pop up everywhere

This kookaburra sits in a tree about 100 metres from the house every morning, catching the early sun.


I snapped this old house on the way to town, nature takes over and tries to reclaim a once vibrant home.

Run Down

 I went out and bought a new camera this afternoon and hope to bring some better quality shots for your viewing.  It will of course be hit and miss and I’ve seen some exquisite photos around the net. I hope to get better at it. Until next week.


5 thoughts on “Trying out a new camera away from the Writer’s Room.

  1. kelihasablog

    These pictures are fantastic Laurie! The new camera seems to be working well. I love the little roo peeking out as well as the the fabulous shots of the old buildings… those ferns popping out are just wonderful… 😀


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hi Keli, thanks so much. I hope I can keep it up. I thought you might like the joey, the camera gives a whole new dimension to it now. Ferns only need a tiny crack in the brick work and they’re in. be prepared for more 🙂



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