Far, Far, Far Away from the Writer’s Room. Part One.

No, it’s not that far really, we are in New South Wales. I know it is early but I will be extremely busy over the weekend, so I thought I might treat you all to some of the scenes between home and Queanbeyan. This is Castle Rock, south of Tamworth.

castle rock

Taken from the car as we zoomed along. A typical style of sheep farm in the New England ranges.

old sheep farm

A shearing shed and farm that has seen better days.

shearing shed

There’s nothing like a lonely windmill.windmill

Maybe it’s had a little too much water.lake

I don’t want to overload you but I have some bird pictures in part two.


3 thoughts on “Far, Far, Far Away from the Writer’s Room. Part One.

  1. Raani York

    So beautiful!!! You know how much I love your pictures, Laurie. Oh – and I’ll go to the turnkey’s tribulations soon, ok? I just didn’t find the time lately and wanted to take myself some time to really study it!
    thanks for the pics – I’ll go to part two now. 🙂


      1. Raani York

        Take it easy, Laurie. They won’t go anywhere. LOL They’ll just stay where they are until you got time to go through them. 🙂


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