More views from the Writer’s Room

Okay, so it’s a different type of sunset. I had made some sun catchers to hang from the solar shed out of old cd’s and naturally they blew down. One cd managed to hide amongst the bushes, I was out taking a few snap shots when I found it. Hmm I thought, lets try this. I turned my back to the sunset and took a picture of its reflection in the cd.CD SunsetHere is the sunset I took it from, I love the way the sunbeams filter through the trees and onto the grass.Kangaroo Sunset

I took this front on shot of a Grevillia flower in the garden and didn’t realise until it was on the computer how delicate the unfolding buds are.

Grevillea unfolding

This was taken as we drove past on the return trip to Canberra. The bales look as if they’re in a race, I’m always reminded of shredded wheat breakfast cereal when I see them.Hay Bales

This reminds me of two things: I. I need to weed the garden. 2. Butterflies are hard to photograph.Hmm Butterfly breakfast

Rush hour on the way to Mudgee. This was the last of the mob that we navigated through. It seemed obvious that they wanted to be in the paddock further up the road and they would go at their own pace. We shall not be mooooved.

Rush Hour

We have a few families of Butcher Birds ( related to the Magpie in the genus Cracticus ) around the property, this young fellow was perched on the back fence. He has a hook on the end of his beak and they store excess prey on things like barbed wire fences, thorns, holes, anywhere they can actually. Hence the name Butcher Bird. When I go out on the tractor they follow, knowing I’m going to stir something up. It gets crowded when I’m doing any chainsaw work as they sit a few feet away waiting for grubs and such. They’re a friendly little bird.

Butcher Bird

Some people like decorating their houses and lawns, in northern New South Wales.

decorated house

So there we have it for this week, a mixed bag of shots with the new camera ( I love it ) I hope that you enjoy them and we’ll be back next week.



10 thoughts on “More views from the Writer’s Room

  1. liz blackmore

    Awesome photography Laurie. I can’t get over the detail in the flower bud. I don’t want to see hay bales yet, because that would mean the summer was drawing to the end. It is still snowing today!! (lightly, yes, but it is still snow!!) Excellent post!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Liz, I love that flower. I used my telephoto lens on macro. If only the butterflies would sit still. I’ll try not to inflict an early summer on you. 🙂


  2. kelihasablog

    I always enjoy your pictures and explanations but the horde is hilarious and the flower shot is genius! The one with the Hay bales reminds me of around here… LOL 😀


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Keli, I refrained from using the close up of cow bums:-)
      I do like that flower, the unfolding buds are beautiful. I remember a scene with the hay bales when I was in Canada, looked the same.


  3. Raani York

    Another hand full of beautiful pictures! You know how much I love them! They’re great! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!



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