Oddities from the Writer’s Room.

Trying something a little different here today. You can tell I haven’t done my weeding, this is a Dandelion seed head and thought I would play with some hue and saturation in the photo.Dandelion seed head

This fine looking specimen is the Big Merino situated at Goulburn in New South Wales. A symbol of the Australian sheep and wool industry. Sadly the heady days of high wool prices have long gone. Yes it is a selection of knitted pieces made into a scarf around his neck.big merino

A display on the wall inside which I think is rather cute. There were some interesting facts on the displays, in World War one the British government purchased the whole wool clip that would be produced for the length of hostilities and a year beyond. So important was the industry that shearers weren’t allowed to enlist in the forces.Nude sheep

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Thunderbolt    This statue is of Frederick Wordsworth Ward (aka Captain Thunderbolt) (1835–25 May 1870) and is situated in the town of Uralla, in the New England Ranges. The Wiki blurb is worth a look and shows you that no amount of imprisonment stops someone following their trade.Captain ThunderboltLarge granite formations are all over the ranges, this is Thunderbolt’s Rock outside of town. He apparently used it to watch for stagecoaches, I wonder what he would think of the tagging? Uralla played a small role in my childhood, our family hit the road (for reasons that are still unclear) and travelled from Sydney to Brisbane in 1962. Our car, a 1939 Dodge blew a head gasket a hundred metres on the south side of the rock. A stockman who lived nearby took us in until the car was fixed. On the way back from Brisbane we broke down on the north side of the rock. Who helped us? You guessed it, we stayed with them over Christmas until the parents found work on a cattle and sheep property outside of nearby Walcha.Thunderbolt's Rock, Uralla

It may not be the best picture of Light Headed Rosellas but by crikey it was the only one I could get. They are without doubt the most easily startled bird that gets around the place. I saw them in the front yard and by the time I went out with the camera they’d flown into a nearby tree. Not wanting to miss a shot I put the camera on sports and shot a series through the telephoto lens as they flew away. To get an idea of their size think of a Budgerigar on steroids.

Light Headed Rosellas

Seagulls always have that beady eyed look about them, I think they spend their lives waiting for someone to come along with hot chips (fries). This fellow was pondering his next meal at Bateman’s Bay in southern NSW.Seagull

The final pic in my eclectic mix, ordinary looking trees, yes. Look at it closely it’s been blown down, knocked around by the elements yet still it continues the struggle to survive.Trees

That’s it for this week, we’re back to Gunnedah this weekend for a book launch (not mine) so I will have more pics to share with you next time. Cheers.

11 thoughts on “Oddities from the Writer’s Room.

  1. Pagadan

    I love the dandelion; it’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. (I’ve never seen one with a red stem before.)It took me a little bit to realize that the monster statue was a sheep. Why is it wearing a scarf? And I enjoyed the other photos too.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      I played with the dandelion, I did say that I’d used a little hue and saturation on the photo. It looks better than a normal one anyway 🙂
      A Merino Ram in fact, their wool really grows into huge folds, the scarf was part of a wool month celebration. Thanks for dropping by Joy.


  2. kelihasablog

    Geez Laurie, your pictures just keep getting better and better! Must be nice to be so good! lol I’m struggling, but I’m having fun with it so that’s what’s important. 😀


  3. Raani York

    I love those pictures, Laurie!! You’re such a great writer – and blogger – and photographer!! Jeeeeez I’m going to stop – my ego shrinks. LOL
    Well done!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Tami, I like to tell something about a photo it adds a little something. I didn’t know whether or not to put the birds in but the colours are great.



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