Roadside Rosellas, sorry Red Rumped Parrots.

We arrived in Gunnedah this afternoon and drove around looking for Koalas, sad to say they were elusive, though I will try tomorrow. I did find these Rosellas on the side of the road. They allowed me to come quite close as they were more interested in eating the grass seeds. He’s casting a wary eye though.More

Obviously the seeds on the kerb are tastier.More rosellas2

The colours are delightful.More  Rosellas1

What can I say, they’re beautiful.Rosellas

Until next time, Cheers.


17 thoughts on “Roadside Rosellas, sorry Red Rumped Parrots.

  1. Tovah

    Whatever they are called they are just gorgeous, I love to see unusual birds although I would never have one as a pet, I don’t like them flapping around me, like moths or butterflies, some of those are such beauties too. Tovah


  2. patgarcia

    My Dear Brother,
    You should have been a biologist! I am amazed at how you recognize all of the different types of animals. I was very poor in Biology and opted for Physics, but I love people who take such wonderful shots of nature as you do. Keep at it and have a joyful time.



  3. Raani York

    OMG – they’re so cute Laurie!!! Just beautiful!!
    And there are quite a few of them, right?
    Oh – oh!!! Look at the last picture – it seems there will be more of them. *grin*


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hey Raani, they are beautiful, there was a flock of about twenty to start with, all mating pairs. They’re pretty widespread down here. I love that last picture, it does like they’re flying united 🙂



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