I thought I would drop in a poem this week, I wrote it a couple of years ago and it’s about a murder I attended in 1982 over the Xmas period, on my birthday of all things. I wrote about it in my Policeman’s Lot series and it’s fully explained there, the plot is simple. She had no love from her husband and found it with someone else. Husband decided killing her was the only way out, obviously divorce seemed out of the question. While she sat at the kitchen table having her tea, a meat pie and a cuppa he shot her in the heart and face. She had several small dogs which when I arrived on the scene were terrified. I also assisted at the autopsy. So here it is,



Siren’s wailing, Xmas lights,

scared dog’s howling, domestic fights.

Tearful confessions, No love here.

Shotgun’s blast! Goodbye, My Dear,

A fatal ending. He took your heart.

No love from me, My heart’s unbending.

Shot to head. It’s time to part. The bitch is dead.


A coward-from the start.

I see her there, my heart’s racing.

Gore, blood running, tracing,

lines of red on face, defacing

lumps of lead-a life have taken.

Aim was true, a shotgun-no mistaking.

Frightened dogs, pies on floor,

Gun straight out, go through door,

To hell.

For her-Love no more.

Stainless bench-cold-uncaring,

Coroner’s knife-peeling-paring.

Laying open a heart destroyed,

count the pellets that did void.

Weigh the heart,

That loves-no more.

Face demolished-death’s head grin,

Tongue so pink-it lays on skin.

Pellet shining, in light’s harsh glare,

Like Oyster’s flesh, a pearl lays there.

Cut and carve, weigh it all,

Death is here, He casts his pall.


There’s none for her in ground so cold,

Lying there-she grows not old.

Love did fail on that hot night,

A shotgun’s blast, can’t make it right.

Laurie Smith© 2010


12 thoughts on “LOVE NO MORE

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  2. patgarcia

    This poem speaks of the sadness and hurt that is alive today in so many relationships. I don’t want to even began to count the number of relationships that women remain in out of fear. Here in Germany there has been quite a number of killings. Women shot before the eyes of their children because they wanted a divorce.
    Your poem speaks out the tragedy. The tragedy that takes a life but it also speaks out about our own perception of how we view people in our minds. To think that we own a person, that we have the right to demand another person’s life without looking at the causes for such great separation of couples is sick.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Now that’s the Sis I know, what a forthright, robust comment and you’re right. It is all down to ownership, people becoming possessions in a relationship, children’s lives ruined, some days it’s all too much. There’s no love in a relationship like that, you only covet the person.


  3. kelihasablog

    Oh Laurie… you did a wonderful job on this poem! I love that, as Raani said, it seems to highlight some of the different facets of your personality… (didn’t want to say layers like an onion cuz that isn’t “pretty”, but you most definitely are what i would call a complex man… meaning you have the ability to feel for others and then express those feeling so that we (your readers) can almost picture the exact event as you did. Well done! 😀


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks so much Keli, onion’s okay, plenty of layers there alright. I’ve hidden those feelings for years, especially over the murder. The scene was confronting in the extreme and one had to work the scene like nothing had happened. Every sight, sound, the weather, what was on television, the dogs even the subtle nuances are indelibly etched on my mind. So it becomes easy to lay it out in a story or in this case a poem.
      Thanks so much fro reading it.


  4. Raani York

    Dear Laurie. Since I read your Policeman’s Lot series, I think I remember it… not sure though… but your explanation here is sufficient.

    I love your poem. It expresses very much how you feel and felt. It as well hands out some information about your sensitivity, which is beautiful to read. There are so many different layers within your personality, Laurie. Which kind of makes me appreciate you as a friend, more and more.

    And: I love the poem in combination with the picture!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Raani, the whole thing touched me at the time and still gives me reason to shiver. Other than by my wife I’ve never been called sensitive before. “wipes at eye.” That’s so nice of you. That picture, well I googled sad faces and boom, there it was. Couldn’t have asked for better.


  5. laurie27wsmith Post author

    Marta Merajver • Laurie, WordPress keeps rejecting my password, so I’m leaving my comment here. You may transfer it to your page if you think it’s worthwhile.
    The poem is moving in content and extraordinarily well-timed, with a rhythm that flows in the best poetic tradition. A true gift to readers. Thank you for that!



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