It’s a little bare at The Writer’s Room.

I’m not scratching the bottom of the barrel, I have been busy writing and realised that the weekend is here. These pictures when opened in a new window will give you a better feel for them. The moon is to prove that I do get up early, sometimes. I like the way the clouds increase in length under the moon.


After I finished at the front of the house I nipped around the back and here it was, a golden sunrise bathing the trees in a soft light.Sun arise bring in the morning

This is on the way back from Gunnedah, mirages have always fascinated me with their false promise of water, ‘just ahead.’Mirage

When you need a quick pic what better place to go than the garden, this flower stalk on a Bromeliaed is bursting out all over.My Bromelade is ready to flower

The ancestral graveyard of double-decker buses, in the New England Ranges.

Buses Graveyard

Wood Ducks are an odd breed, they roost in tree branches and on top of fence posts. Actually they’re quite smart it keeps them away from foxes.Wood Ducks

There we have it, I have a model lined up for Sunday for a cover shoot. I need a cover for my 3rd book River of Death so I will post a couple of shots through the week.

Cheers, Laurie.


12 thoughts on “It’s a little bare at The Writer’s Room.

  1. merlinfraser

    Laurie, I assume from your lack of excitement about picture No.1 that you are not in to the gentle art of flying sailplanes or Gliders as they known on this side of the pond.

    What you see as a pleasant picture of the moon with pretty clouds are to Glider pilots everywhere a picture of heavenly bliss. Those funny looking cigar shaped clouds are officially called lenticular clouds and are the Holy Grail of Glider pilots world wide.

    We call them Wave Clouds, because of the way they are formed where moist air flows over a range of mountains, a series of large-scale standing waves may form on the downwind side.

    Pilots of powered aircraft avoid flying near lenticular clouds because of the turbulence that accompany them. However glider pilots actively seek them out,because the precise location of the rising air mass is fairly easy to predict from the orientation of the clouds. “Wave lift” of this kind is often very smooth and strong, and enables gliders to soar to remarkable altitudes. The current gliding world records for both distance 1,864 mi and altitude 50,721 ft) were set using such lift.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      HI Merlin, Thanks for dropping by. No I’m not into gliders, although I was excited about the clouds, after I took another look at the pic. We have people paragliding around the place from the resort that’s located to the right of the picture, and the occasional motorised one. It stops any spontaneous outward shows of affection on the soft grass of our back yard let me tell you.
      Thanks for the lesson on gliding, I’m always open to learning something new. I’ll take more notice of clouds in future.


  2. Jane Risdon

    Laurie as usual I am not disappointed – lovely photos and details. I too am up with the lark (well, they are in decline here so perhaps it was a pigeon!!) lol. Anyway, your post has cheered me and inspired me to get on with the writing today. Have a great one too.:)



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