Rainbow Lorikeets a little way from The Writer’s Room.

The Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) is without doubt a beautiful bird, they’re about 9-12 inches long, both sexes are the same colour and they love nectar, seeds and fruit. We had some at our place this morning and they stayed out of decent photo range. So we trekked into town where a friend has feeders out for them and this is the result. I took 70 pictures, a bit obsessive I know. I’ll post some today and tomorrow.

‘Hang on, where’s the food?’

Rainbow Lorrikeet 1


Rainbow Lorikeets 2

Nothing wrong with a little personal grooming.


‘Who’s a pretty boy then?’


‘Don’t look now but I think he’s taking your picture.’


‘I’m humbled Sir.’


‘Ignore them Roger, they’re freeloaders.’


There’ll be a few more tomorrow. if anyone wants a picture to print out contact me through the blog and I will email a ‘heavier copy.’


http://youtu.be/WjUHidz81dA  Link to you tube for a short but energetic look at the Lorikeets.

 http://youtu.be/Irq4cW2YYUU   Another short clip, they are in HD.


16 thoughts on “Rainbow Lorikeets a little way from The Writer’s Room.

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  2. Raani York

    So gorgeous, those birds and the pictures with your comments are priceless!! They made me smiling and I needed this now. Thanks for sharing Laurie!!



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