Meanwhile back at the Writer’s Room.

A sunset from a few weeks ago, I took it with my phone camera. The splash of orange on the lawn is a reflection from the glass ball hanging from the veranda roof.


We went to a naming day ceremony and in the garden they had a small pond.

Water Lily

Another Water Lily.

‘Help! I’m being pollinated.’

Water Lily



Bougainvillea’s at Brookwater Golf Course, we had Mother’s Day breakfast in the club house.


Agaves flowering by the club house, there’s a Lorikeet feeding on the flowers.


The 18th hole is very photogenic.

Which hole

So many feathers, so many colours. A Lorikeet having his post lunch preen.


My offerings for the week, if nothing else they are colourful.



21 thoughts on “Meanwhile back at the Writer’s Room.

  1. Raani York

    OMG Laurie!! Sunsets, beautiful waterlillies, golf courses, flowers and lorikeets. You REALLY made my day today!!


  2. patgarcia

    Hi Bro,
    Your photos have color and life in them. I love seeing your photographs of the Lorikeets. They are photogenic birds with a proud head that makes me want to have one as a little friend. One can learn a lot from birds.
    Also like the one of the golf course. It brought back memories of the Augusta National Golf Course in my hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Grass, a shiny green, with all kinds of flowers to adorn it.
    Your first photograph made me think a space ship was landing from somewhere out of space. I had to look at it a couple of times. The illusion of a space ship is outstanding.

    Great work, My dear and many greetings to Lorelle.
    You two have a great weekend.



    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Sis, I like to brighten the page up, the lorikeets are my favourites. The colours are outstanding. they make great pets too. I’m happy to have brought nice memories up for you, the golf course was beautiful The flowers are a treat. I went back and looked at the sunset, you’re right it does and it’s so bright. I love the effect of the ball of light in the orange glow. Thanks again Sis, Lorelle says Hi. her son and family are up camping for the weekend and we’ve just come up to the house after having a camp oven stew. Yum.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Susan, no not a golfer my wife’s son took us out for mother’s day breakfast there. Of course I had to take a few pics. I tried to play and went to the driving range but I thought I would stick to archery instead. 🙂 I play it on Wii now and then.



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