Midweek Poetry. The Net.

The Net.

Motherboards, CPU’s.

Hard core porn,

watch the news.

Wiki Leaks,


Increase Ram,

watch for Spam,

internet mail.

Look at these pictures, you’ll go to jail.

YouTube, My space, Facebook, look at me.

Watch me, pay for me.

Plant a tree, earn a buck.

Webcam Girls want to fuck.

Online gaming try your luck.

Hit the switch, dim the light

erotica by day or night.

iTunes, Redtube, Porntube, Microsoft,

nothing soft.

Look for a friend.

Make a wish, start a trend.

Endless pictures of pretty kittens,

headless corpses, girls in mittens.

Watching videos of people fighting,

Look for ancestors, families uniting.

School friends back in the fold,

email jokes on growing old.

Endless lists of mindless crap.

Others try to feed you pap.

Peripherals, docking hubs,

USB’s, pretty cubs.

Please send it on, make a difference.

Bullshit folks, it’s people phishing,

to rob you blind.

A free computer scan? How kind,

you took the time to pass on crap to blow my mind.

Trojans, viruses, maybe it’s a spybot.

No, it’s thieves of the ether who want the lot.

Posting pictures to the world, now small indeed.

The governments to all they feed

their mindless edicts on what we need.

Censor this, we know what’s good for you,

we know it’s right, whether or not you do.

Too many people now connected,

believe our truth, we will correct it.

The Internet’s for you and me.

There for all,

Big Brother wants a firewall

between us so that we can’t see,

those genitals, or their hand

behind atrocities in a far off land.

Insurrections, people die

we don’t need to know, or cry.

So please trust us, we know what’s best

for everyone in case they’re blessed

with knowledge that can free a mind.

The net is more than sex or jokes,

we read things and some provoke

people to do what’s right.

So Big Brother don’t dare tell me

what I should read, write or see.

I know with certainty

of what is right or wrong for me.

Wi Fi, satellite.

Broadband by day and night,

phone lines that come in by land.

The Net is a message stick for everyone

to air their views and sing their song.

Laurie Smith© 2013



12 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry. The Net.

      1. thisisnotbangkok

        You are definitely gifted. I will be visiting your blog on a regular basis–I like to support all of my followers as much as possible. Plus, I was an English teacher so I really like poems and writing. Take care…..


      2. laurie27wsmith Post author

        Thank you for your kind words and visiting. I feel like a voice in a very large wilderness sometimes, so it’s nice to have responses to what I put up. There’ll be more to come.


  1. Raani York

    I love this poem, Laurie. It’s easy to read and – at least to me, it was fun to read too! It made me smile and I really enjoyed reading it a second time! – and a third! Well done, Laurie!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Raani, believe it or not it came to me one day as Lorelle and I were driving down the highway. A mad scramble for pen and paper ensued and she wrote it down as I dictated it. I only had to make a few minor adjustments and viola, there it was. I’m happy that you are enjoying my poems.



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