North from the Writer’s Room.

Last week we went away to Kingaroy a few hours drive north from where we live, naturally it rained. No sunsets but something pretty nonetheless. We were driving alongside an area of wetlands hoping to get some good bird shots when I spotted this little bloke on a Thistle head.


We weren’t disappointed with the Egret.


I know, Swans are supposed to be graceful. But this one must have had a cramp.

left turn swan

Now we are doing graceful.


This Water Hen decided to show off her fluffy white knickers.


This Shag happily posed for the camera, it was more interested in watching some cattle just out of the picture. If you open the picture in a new window you will see the beautiful pattern on the feathers.


I had to traipse through dripping rain forest in unbelievable conditions to snap this Eastern Yellow Robin. Okay how about a mile there and back to a waterfall to get it?

Eastern Robin

By the time I walked back up to the top I considered having a lung transplant, it was worth it for the picture though.


Last but not least a scenic view back through the forest.


The forest is located in the Bunya Mountains south of Kingaroy. Definitely worth a visit for the bushwalking and birdlife. The Bunya tree, Araucaria bidwillii is an ancient, large coniferous pine. Its cones are as big as your head and the nuts are very tasty. These trees were dinosaur food, though after looking at the branches you would wonder why. I will see if I have a decent shot of one for next week. I hope you enjoy the pictures.




13 thoughts on “North from the Writer’s Room.

      1. thisisnotbangkok

        Agreed. I def shoot away. I am trying to take pictures of skaters now and my Canon digital burst mode can barely keep up. So I shoot away like crazy. I should be uploading one soon.


  1. Raani York

    Another post with your GREAT pictures! I LOVE water – and water birds – and swans… and butterflies… and good photographers. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these, Laurie!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Why shucks, thank you, ( dragging toe through dirt and blushing ) I love sharing them as much as taking them. My wife is very patient with me.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks again, even though a picture’s worth a thousand words a little narrative goes a long way. I use a Canon Eos 650, with a telephoto lens. I take the pictures in RAW format, they become 24 megabyte pics, then I reduce them with the canon program. I don’t Photoshop or enhance them.



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