Don’t Go.

We’ve been together

for so long.

The years have flown,

we’ve sung our song.

Don’t go.

I feel you slip away,

you breathe your last.

Half of me dies

when you’re laid to rest.

Please, please.

Don’t go.

Your love

cries out to me.

I don’t want to go.

The years go by slowly,

I live in fleeting shadows now.

I search my memories.

Where did you go?

Your face comes to me

in dreams of years past.

Where are you?

I can smell your scent

as I shuffle from room to room.

Cool fingers caress my tired face,

Who are you?

I stand there lost

looking into the mirror.

Who am I?

I stare at strange

and lonely walls.

Where am I?

My breath is gone,

the light has come.

Where am I?

I see you,

your smile

your face.

I know you.

I feel your love,

your warm embrace.

We’re here, together.

Don’t go.

Laurie Smith(c) June 2011



10 thoughts on “MIDWEEK POETRY. Don’t Go.

  1. Raani York

    This is a very deeply touching poem Laurie. I love the pictures that goes with it – but mainly it’s the words that emotionally held me. Thanks for this!


  2. patgarcia

    Hi Bro,
    A beautiful poem that speaks of the goodbyes in our lives. When I read it, I thought of my parents. My father died in 2001 and my mother in 2002. There are times when I would like to say hello or sit at my father’s feet and talk with him, but they are gone. Therefore, the memories in my treasure chest are even more precious to me.

    I feel this poem came out of the depth of your heart. It is your praise hymnal to the people who showed you love while you were growing up.

    Thanks for sharing it.



    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Sis, I like to delve deep and touch the heartstrings with poems like that, especially mine. I’m happy that it brought good memories up for you, and the depth of the heart is the only place to write from. I know it’s working if I cry when I’m writing it.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks so much Bette, true love is hard to find and when it finally gets taken away, well that would be worse. I whipped the photo up the other day, have a guess who the ‘old man’ is.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Why thank you Peggi, I try to pull at the emotional strings a little and as you know kick a few backsides. Finally finding love after many years inspired this poem, because when you have that love the thought of it being taken away is hard to bear.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hi Suzanne, thanks so much. Succinct is hard for me as I tend to waffle on a bit, that’s why I’m putting a few poems up so people can see that at times I can be spare with the words.



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