The Writer at The Writer’s Room.

The elusive writer from the legendary Room. My brother took this on Wednesday after we had been cutting firewood. I thought a picture of yours truly after I had been labouring would impress on you that at times I do more than write. I had been eyeing off a tall, dead ironbark tree for a while but I needed a spotter to watch the fall. It came down with an almighty thump, I felt relieved, and sorry for the green tree snake that ended up in three pieces when I started trimming. The top half was hollow, at least the Butcher birds were happy. A fine mix of sawdust, sweat and chainsaw smoke make for an interesting touch of ‘makeup.’

Laurie Smith

We stopped on the road leading to our property on the way home the other day, I could not resist taking this, it’s beautiful and people wonder where I get the inspiration to write.


You can see from this picture why a Kangaroo’s tail is long. It acts as a counter balance when it hops. I took a walk down the driveway and waited for this fellow to bound across in front of me.


I know we had Kookaburras in a recent post. What we didn’t have was one in flight like this. He was sitting on the branch watching something in a woodpile. I walked as close as possible towards him and waited. You can see the look on his face in the small picture, beak slightly open and his eye is sparkling, then – take-off.


The Pale Headed Rosellas are back. They are so hard to get that I grab the camera whenever they turn up. I might have to get myself a bigger lens.


More Wallabies. You must admit that they are cute hanging out of mum’s pouch.

wallaby and joey in pouch

I know not everybody likes spiders. You can hardly see this bloke it’s the dew drops in the web that captivated me. The Dew Drop Inn no doubt.

spider web

I thought they looked good against an early morning background.


Now I took an artsy view here, the wallaby in the background was keeping an eye on me through the Poinsettia bushes while I recovered from my woodcutting. The female in the foreground picture is a rare beauty, you can see why they’re called Pretty face wallabies.


You will notice the wallaby has red eyes, no it’s not the camera flash. If something snuck up behind you and stuck a cold wet nose on your bum, well your eyes would light up too.


Last but not least the Poinsettias, they add a contrast to the garden.


That’s it for this week, a few extra I know but I thought it gives a wider view of my environment.



23 thoughts on “The Writer at The Writer’s Room.

  1. hitandrun1964

    Truly wonderful photos. The wildlife is amazing and I can’t even imagine being able to look outside and see the things that are available to you. Incredible. Such beauty and freedom. A coyote came to my patio door once, but that’s as exotic as it’s ever been. We are more of a raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk type group. Maybe cardinals, blue jays and robins…always sweet sparrows and wrens. Nothing as wild and colorful as your birds. Our birds are smaller and tough (they have to be to survive). Sparrows are my favorites. Actually Crows are my favorites and I loved having them here but we had that terrible disease that wiped out so many of them. It was a horrible thing. Now I listen for them but rarely hear them. When I was in Paris they were everywhere and it made me realize what we had lost:( Other than that, we have hawks and I have had some huge falcons on my fence going after the mourning doves. Argggg! But you live in a travel magazine everyday. Thank you for sharing all the good stuff with us.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thank you, I see you found the pics. We have deer but I’ve only seen them about a hundred metres away in the paddock behind us. Other than that they hang around down in the paddock on the corner. ( stag parties I guess) The odd wild pig goes through now and then. We have Dingoes and wild dogs, they’re a little worrying. Our crows have left, they used to live here for quite a while. It’s sad about yours though. Most of our natural wildlife comes out in the evening, except the roos. So we don’t get to see the possums and echidnas etc. Now I have a bigger telephoto lens I may be able to get more pics of eagles. You have plenty of living things around to inspire you, they’re just different that’s all. You are right though we take things for granted, it’s only since I’ve been taking more photos that I look at my environment differently. I’ll keep on sharing.


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  3. coachdaddyblogger

    Your Kookaburra reminds me of a kingfisher we had here who lived in the pond behind an apartment where we once lived. He’d dive-bomb into the waters for food, but I’m convinced he also dove for cool points. You’ve earned quite a few cool points with these shots, friend.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Eli, they’re a member of the kingfisher family only difference is they’re bigger and laugh a lot. Thanks for the compliment, a little patience and you can get the good shots.


  4. Raani York

    So great, Laurie. I love the pictures – and together with your writing and descriptions you’re telling a story!



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