This was my first go at writing a sonnet, it’s about my feelings at the time when I started writing my first crime novel. There wasn’t much in the way of love coming from some members of the writing group. One academic type referred to them as evil pornography. The picture below was taken on Saturday night 29/6/13, at a Book Launch in Laidley, Queensland. I received an award for best overall manuscript and author of the year. More books are on the way, okay so it’s a case of big fish in a small pond but ponds have a way of expanding.

A Novelist.

Ten syllables make a sonnet rhyme,

show them that you can be a novelist.

You have all the encouragement and time,

To scheme and plot on crime and pain. The rest,


Can say tis not enough, so give your all.

For what is talent, a gift from on high?

If one cannot handle the task, they fall

to earth in fear there to worry sob and sigh.


So purpose driven be, ere you should become

a writer, hack or poet. Make the choices friend,

for thousands write each day and maybe some,

P’raps a bard of old can make a novel blend.


The storm shall come, you write one edition,

down a dungeon dark, the crime? Sedition.

Laurie Smith. copyright 2013



12 thoughts on “MIDWEEK POETRY, A Novelist.

  1. Raani York

    This is such a great poem, Laurie… and definitely one of yours! I love the way you express emotions within your poems!! (I like this pic too!!) 🙂


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Hi Raani, Thank you. I bled over the keyboard doing it though, blasted syllables. 🙂 You have to throw your heart out with every word. *I like that.* Great pic, beard and all. 🙂


      1. laurie27wsmith Post author

        Going for the Hemingway look. I have had a beard about four times in my life. I get a rash now and then and it makes shaving painful. 😦


      2. Raani York

        I see… but you know that you look great anyway, right? With or without beard!! 😉
        And believe me, Laurie, I’m not saying this to many Guys!!


  2. caronallan

    I’ve been to Fortitude Valley, so I can believe absolutely anything could happen there … And once I bought a microfiche reader from a girl there, quite obviously off her head on something, completely unable to function, we could have grabbed everything and run off with it. She was the skinniest woman I’ve ever seen, the flat stank of drugs and raw meat, there were flies everywhere, and mess yet hardly any furniture. It was a horrific snapshot of a life in squalor. I guess a lot of people don’t want to believe places like that exist, and will try to tell you to write something ‘cozy’, but I believe a writer cannot and should not censor him/herself.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I worked in the Valley for two years as a policeman and people still don’t believe the goings on. I have been in houses and flats that would make you puke, and seen people who just don’t care. The sad thing is there are places like it all over the world. Good for crime writers, not good for those who live there. I agree with you, writers shouldn’t censor themselves. They are usually the ones who highlight what is happening around them. Good luck with your writing and keep looking in those supermarket aisles, I’ve come across some canned stews that would kill a room full of people.



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