She lured me amongst the shadowy

pathways of love.

Where moon beams flickered through

the echoes of thoughts from lost and

lonely souls,

caught forever in a web of silken dreams.

Following the gentle tread of her feet,

I felt her step softly upon the sand,

of the island that was my soul.

There she cast my heart upon the beach

like storm tossed driftwood.

Bleached, worn, twisted.

Then watched it drift away

into the infinite ocean of despair.

Now it’s free to wander where it desires.

Following the light of the moon beams,

where you softly tread.

Laurie Smith © 2013.



18 thoughts on “MIDWEEK POETRY. Moonbeams.

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  2. Raani York

    You know I love your poems Laurie. And this is very special. Together with the pictures it’s amazing!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thank you Raani, another one dredged up and redone. I like it. The pics are mine, the moon is at our place and the beach is up on the central Queensland coast.



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