Some pics that aren’t from The Writer’s Room.

We went to the hairdresser’s house on Wednesday, she has her studio at home and an absolutely lovely garden. So, I couldn’t help myself I had to take pictures. I’ve put them in groups this time purely for the artistic effect. I’ve also been using the manual feature on the camera and practising with exposure and apertures. Taking pictures from different perspectives is good. This lady’s house is Bali themed so the garden has a certain feel to it.

Bird of paradise

The backing picture is a macro of a rather nice plant that I know nothing about. Other than its flowers start off as beautiful tiny buds. The cluster of new shoots on the left is on an Agave spear, it is about 30 feet tall and has these clusters all the way up. The orange berries are on a Sheena’s gold hedge.

buds and berries

Two different views of ornamental grasses.

ornamental grasses

Here is a contrast in texture and shadow. On the left a close up of a palm frond on the right a front on view of a Bird of Paradise. A lovely flower but when you want to uproot a big plant you need machinery, they get carried away underground. They look lovely in other people’s yards.

bird of paradise

I happened to be in town on Thursday and saw these pansies in a planter box. Had to race back to the car for my camera. Coupled with the ornamental grass it gives a lovely contrast in colour and texture.


Alright already, I know I’m really flogging the bird of paradise. This one was taken inside her studio, with the camera setting I had (just had a look, f5 at 1/60 sec, iso 500 and a very slight brightening in photoscape) it really highlighted the plant against the white wall. On the right we have a strange Spathiphyllum type of plant. (if I’m wrong here please correct me) I hadn’t changed the setting for out in direct sunlight and I snapped this. It has that certain, something.

bird of paradise.

I moved inside again and took this, an elephant in Thailand painted this picture. I think he may have been going through his ‘I will paint pictures of my trunk and willy stage.’ There’s hope for me yet. So I took a picture of the ornament she had on display and placed it there. In the reflection on the elephant you will see our car parked outside. A picture in a picture in a… get the idea.

elephant painting

I took these this morning, I had to go and start the pump to fill up the house water tanks. So it means a trip through the bottom garden. I took my camera because those Rosellas were hanging around and I saw this Dendrobium had opened. We have them tied to the trees in a small nest of sphagnum moss held there by a piece of shade cloth. They thrive on the neglect I show them. Of course I had to take some of the crucifix orchids.


The feast of colour is over for this week. Once again they all look much better if you open them in a new tab, especially the Dendrobium. I know there aren’t any birds or Roos, next week maybe. The pics are all around half a megabyte so they should load easily. Until next week thanks for dropping in and if you have any gardening tips tell my wife, I like other people’s gardens.




18 thoughts on “Some pics that aren’t from The Writer’s Room.

  1. patgarcia

    Hi Bro,
    These pictures are absolutely beautiful, and your beautician lives in a wonderful part of the country. I love the colors, so real and alive. You have done an excellent job capturing these scenes, and I applaud you from my heart.


      1. Pagadan

        I love the brilliant color of the pansies! What a collage they’d make. I have a Bird of Paradise, btw. It’s our first, and it is spreading and giving us lots of blooms, which we share now and then.


      2. laurie27wsmith Post author

        Hi Joy, aren’t they beautiful? Their natural colour too. I love birds of paradise, I bought a house that had a huge one growing right next to it. It took me a day to dig it out, I’ve never seen anything like it for huge bulbous roots. The flowers are a boon though and they last for ages.


  2. caronallan

    Absolutely gorgeous! i remember some of these flowers from our Aussie days but over here, they are only available from a florist’s. Brilliant photography too! Plus – you really know your botany!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Why thank you. I sweat over this blog every Friday morning, deciding which pictures to use. I have plenty of good ones but I want to put up the great ones. I like the image within image ones, I think they add something. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Raani York

    How beautiful, Laurie! This is really a celebration of variety and color! I love these pics. And I repeat: You’re such a great photographer!! Unfortunately I don’t have any garden-advices. There’s a reason why all my room plants in my home are artificial. Their only chance of survival. LOL


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      I’ll send you my book on how to dust artificial plants for fun and profit. 🙂 Thanks Raani, I enjoy taking them. Wish I had a digital camera years ago. 😦



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