MIDWEEK POETRY. Yes, it’s Chickens again or Laurie’s mid week snack pack.

chicken artist



I was a chicken artist,
of great, world wide acclaim
I sprayed the biggest buildings
and garnered wealth and fame.
Then I took up smoking
and lit a long blue flame
igniting fumes around my beak,
they said it was shame.


So now I paint real careful
they reckon I’m to blame.
The chicken insurance company
think that I’m fair game.
They sent a bounty hunter,
she has a deadly aim.
A chook they call Spring Chicken
who’s going to settle my claim.


So I’m heading to the rail yards,
for my life won’t be the same.
I’m going where wild chickens roam,
on a spray painted westbound train.

Laurie Smith © 2013

chicken art



I used to be a Kiss fan
I went to all your shows
I fainted in the mosh pit
and you didn’t even know.
So I’ve sent a little picture
of the cutey you did miss
I should have put my ass on it
for you to give a kiss.

 Laurie Smith © 2013


The Jop O Lynn cutout page

I’m just a plain old chicken
as plain as plain can be,
but I want to be like Janice.
Surely you can see.


I now have all the bits I’ll need
to strut upon the stage,
it has to be infinitely better
than living in a cage.


I want to drive the highways
just me and Bobby Magee
and head on down to Woodstock
and man, well I’ll be free!


Instead I’m sitting in my cage
I’m plain and get no flattery.
I’ll never be another Janice
just an old hen in a battery.

Laurie Smith© 2013

My thanks to Gigisrantsandraves for the artwork and lovingly posting my ditties on her blog. She has some great stuff over there and it is worth a visit. Here are some more poetry and general blogs to have a look at:

 http://laurieslovelyliving.com/ Laurie is a great lady with a huge sense of fun and she has recipes too!

http://bgbowers.com/   Bianca has a great blog with poetry and writing.

http://owlsandorchids.com/  Susan writes poetry and has, like me many stories to tell.

No gloom today, I’m saving it up for another time. So I hope you enjoy the offerings for this week.




25 thoughts on “MIDWEEK POETRY. Yes, it’s Chickens again or Laurie’s mid week snack pack.

  1. Raani York

    Laurie – I love your poetry – I love the chicken poems so much! I love the way you write and blog and publish… is there anything you CAN’T do?? 🙂


      1. Raani York

        *grin* You remember my post – be careful what you wish for? ROFL

        You’re doing GREAT, Laurie!!!

        I’m so proud to have you as a friend!! 🙂


  2. Owls and Orchids

    Tis a scrambled tale you’re telling and the shell wasn’t hard to crack. One good smack between the two of you and I’d have a meal for a snack. The least you pair of double yolks deserve! (chuckle) When I hear the squawk you’ll know I have you by the tail feathers,,,, no short and curlies here!
    (You both deserved that)
    Ciao bella,
    Susan x


  3. Laurie's Lovely Living

    Aww. You mentioned me. Your the best!! But you knew that already 🙂 I love your poetry. It’s my very favorite kind. When I was little I was terrified of Kiss. I thought they were monsters… Obviously, not a far fetched assumption.

    Keep being awesome!! Love, L.


      1. Pagadan

        I enjoyed your poems and the illos, but I especially loved the poem about the graffiti artist heading west on the spray painted train.


  4. peglovesjesus

    You two made a great team (art and words)! Thanks for the fun, Laurie. You lured me in with Joplin and Kiss. Who knew chickens love to rock. 🙂


      1. rayjamieson

        May I say it? EGGCEPTIONAL! This could be the time when all your chickens come home to roost!


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