Metallic Monstrosities, Strange Sculptures and Flowers at The Writer’s Room.

I know, another Jacaranda but look at the lavender ‘snow fall’ beneath the trees. This is the best part of the season. Taken at the Doctor’s open garden day.


More vistas from the same garden.


This rose looks magnificent when you open the picture in a new tab. The pink flower is on an extremely prickly stem and then we have a major garden feature.


Something different, I love statues especially those of the unclothed female form. Not in a pervy way but as someone who admires beauty in all its forms. I think they may represent the three fates of Greek mythology. The bottlebrush flower is probably one of the brightest I’ve seen all year, and of course it makes a great contrast with the lily.


Taken when we stopped for road works on the highway north of Cowra in New South Wales. The wheat fields located on both sides of the road seem to go on forever.

mountain views

This is the ‘art work’ outside of Wellington that I spoke about in last weeks blog. To give you an idea of its size, in the main picture the rock structure in the background is about 3 metres high.

Wellington art

I love the top picture, it’s like looking into a portal. The bottom pictures are all in an Aboriginal style. A lot of work has gone into this structure. Each picture is from a plinth situated in a circle around the structure.

Wellington art

As you make your way into the town of Molonglo, NSW you will see a junkyard on your left. Here are a few denizens of the yard. Somebody is artistic and has a lot of time on their hands. The motorbike is twice the size of a Harley, and the T-Rex is not quite life-size.

Dinosaur at Molongo

You can get an idea about the size of the frog by the earth moving buckets behind him. I thought the water-lily pad added a nice touch.

Molonglo frog

This dragonfly was huge, the wee frog didn’t stand a chance. I thought the piano man added a certain touch to the place. Unfortunately the owner couldn’t be found so I have no idea who created these pieces.


That’s your lot for this week, it’s colourful, quirky and bound to get you coming back for more. Take a moment to open these pictures in a new tab to get a better view of them, it’s worth it. Until next time take care.



27 thoughts on “Metallic Monstrosities, Strange Sculptures and Flowers at The Writer’s Room.

  1. Pagadan

    More beautiful and fun pix. I love the rose and the water vista. The sculptures are impressive, though the piano player stands out–maybe because it looks like he’s playing.


  2. ytaba36

    What a place to visit! The sculpture (The 3 Graces) is a copy of one by favourite sculptor, Antonio Canova, form a tiny town (Passagno) near Venice. He does the most touchable bottoms!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks for that, I thought they may have been named along those lines. Yes some of those sculptors could fashion beautiful body parts. I did have a little urge to pat them but you know how it is……..


  3. Raani York

    I love these pics… most of all I guess I love the pictures with the flowers – and the water-pictures too. You’re an amazing photographer, Laurie – and I personally think you’re getting better and better!! 🙂


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Raani, you’ll love the next few weeks I’ve taken a few pics of roses that are well, lovely. I appreciate the compliments, the photos are getting better especially when you take a LOT. 🙂


  4. hitandrun1964

    Beautiful and fun:) Great art and the flowers are lovely. As for the three party girls…well, just your style…LOL and no spiders either. I hope you got good news from the doctor. Tell him he better make you better or I’ll sic the chickens on him. Great post, beautiful photographs and perfect story line. You live in a truly beautiful place.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Yes those party girls are my style, they’re a little cold and unresponsive though. The news was okay from the doc. Now the pus has been removed from the lungs I feel better. It’s a mater of keeping on the medication. I thought you might like the quirky art, I know I did. 🙂


      1. hitandrun1964

        Definitely liked the artwork. Would love to see it in person. Yes, I kind of though maybe “real” females may be a tad more responsive and fun, but hey, to each his own, right? LOL I mean, spider woman? Okay…still no picture of your feet in the bear slippers. Happy that you are doing better. Keep up the good work and maybe the statues will come alive and dance for you:)


      2. laurie27wsmith Post author

        You’re really going to pull my strings over the spider woman aren’t you. I can take it. How about I just email you a picture, then I won’t have to be ridiculed world wide about my choice of winter fashion? 🙂 I would have to slip way too much acid for the statues to start dancing.


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