A delightful mix from The Writer’s Room.

It has been a busy week with suicidal Roos and damaged cars but it doesn’t stop me form sharing photos with you. Sunset from the front veranda at home on Wednesday night.


I went out to take another sunset last week and this wallaby and her joey were soaking up the warmth.

wallaby and joey

I know, more kangaroos, clockwise, wallaby and her joey in the backyard. He’s anxious to get out and have a look. Words aren’t needed here for a forlorn looking joey with his mum. The same pair in obvious need of a blow dryer.


Ring-tailed Lemurs at the Dubbo zoo. They spend a lot of time airing their genitals on warm rocks and searching their fur for whatever it is they’ve misplaced.

ring tailed Lemur

The top picture is of the Japanese garden at Dubbo, New South Wales. The bottom is a view of what is probably weeds in a field outside of Dubbo.

Japanese garden

The top picture is of the lighthouse at Byron Bay in New South Wales. This is the eastern most part of Australia. The bottom picture is of one of the cottages on the site.

Byron Bay

Driftwood a surfer and Shags airing their wings at Ballina, New South Wales.


The lifeguard enjoying the heck out of his jet-ski near Coolum in Queensland. Sunset at Ballina and a steel fish. It’s about six feet long and situated on the boardwalk near the yacht club.

jet ski

A feather on the beach converted into a watercolour painting.


Frangipani blooms converted to a watercolour painting.


That’s it for this week, short and sweet I know. As always if you open the pics in a new tab or window you will have a much better view.Β  Until next week take care.


33 thoughts on “A delightful mix from The Writer’s Room.

  1. Russel Ray Photos

    The San Diego Zoo Safari Park just opened a “Lemur Walk” a few months ago. You get to walk into the exhibit area and the ring-tailed lemurs are just feet away from you. It’s really cool.


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  3. Raani York

    Another set of beautiful pictures Laurie. Of course I love the animals – but this time my favorite is the Japanese garden. So special. Thanks for sharing!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Raani, the garden is nice especially when you take the pictures early in the morning. The light is certainly different. You know I always like sharing my pictures. πŸ™‚


  4. lifechange90

    Hey Laurie,
    You’re certainly a snap-happy chappie!

    The field near Dubbo is a mixture of wild oats (golden yellow/blonde colour) and Paterson’s Curse/Riverina Bluebell (purple).

    Paterson’s Curse has tiny hooks on the flowers and is a sort of woody stem, and VERY hardy – the last plant to die in a total drought, and the first to shoot. Seeds lie dormant for decades too… A little tale about it…

    We had a Scottish jackeroo called Donald working on the farm when I was a little tacker, he was 19 I think, and it was a deep drought – dams dried to a mud puddle so the mud was fenced to prevent the stock wading in to get the last drops of water, getting bogged and having a slow death in the bottom of the dam. Paterson’s Curse grew around, through and in the mud inside the temporary fence.

    When it rained and the dam filled, the fence had to be taken out, by wading in the muddy water, and pulling the steel posts and wires out by hand. Donald was not the brightest match in the box, and was wading around in the mud with Dad – both in their underpants, when a piece of Paterson’s Curse scraped it’s hooks across his lower leg. He Said “Freddy, I think something tried to bite me!”

    Dad knew what it was, but wouldn’t let on… He said “Be careful Donald, if that was a bunyip, they’ll rip your leg off!”

    “What’s a bunyip, Freddie?”

    Dad said “A savage creature that lives in the Australian bush, you don’t often see them, but they are dangerous!”

    A few seconds later, Donald screamed! He rose to the top of the water and ran across the dam until he was up the bank and over the top, way up the paddock. Dad fell about in the water laughing…

    And that’s what Paterson’s Curse is like!

    They are all great photos, thanks for the memories!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      You’re welcome Ray, I figured they’d be weeds yet somehow they look good. I love the Bunyip story, poor bugger it probably scarred him for life. πŸ™‚ I’ve had the occasional experience of fixing fences in dams and rivers, it’s never good.


      1. lifechange90

        Don’t think our Donald scarred too much mentally… I can tell you some stories there to back that up… Not ever likely to be a problem, unfortunately.
        And the ‘bunyip’ didn’t leave any marks either! lol


  5. Owls and Orchids

    Beautiful shots as always Laurie, although I flt kind of sorry for the wallaby you beheaded in the first shot (a desire for revenge after the car incident?) I adore the mix of colours you get with your camera and edited program… marks of an artist at work. Hope you and your car stay safe πŸ™‚
    Ciao, Susan xxx


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Ah, the wallaby. The focus was on thee sunset behind joey. I used my telephoto lens to get right in on the little bloke. No vengeance at all involved. I like to play with the art section now and then, it makes for a new dimension. I hope we stay safe too.
      Laurie. xox


  6. nataliescarberry

    Was I supposed to laugh through the first few photos? How could I not at the thought of suicidal roos and lemurs warming their genitals on the rocks for all to see. Seriously though, the pics were great and I love seeing what life in Austraiia looks like. I pray you have a great weekend too and that no more roos choose to end their lives on your car’s bumper. Blessings, Natalie πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Laugh on Natalie, the more the merrier I say. Those lemurs are a barrel of laughs at times. Thanks for dropping in and enjoying my photos. I’ll do the best for the weekend and am planning on staying away from the roos. πŸ™‚



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