Midweek Poetry. A Laneway Dark.


I believe in reincarnation and have given the subject much thought over the years. This poem came to me today (Monday) while listening to Christmas carols on you tube. Yes the Grinch likes carols.

A Laneway Dark.
Beneath my eyelids fluttering closed,
I see a long, well travelled road.
A laneway through a forest dark
then into grasslands, a meadow park.
The path is worn from countless feet
I travel here, for there are friends to meet.

The ones I knew in times long past.
From when I sailed before the mast,
the people that I loved and knew
before I slipped ‘neath the ocean blue.

The wife and sons who stood by me,
when I was hung from the gallow tree.
And what you ask, the heinous crime,
protecting what was rightly mine,

The soldiers who stood in trenches deep,
and joined with me for the final sleep.
My spirit flew, free and bold
then wept in a tiny cottage cold.
My mother and fiancée young,
they’d yet to know my song was sung.
The picture on the bare stone wall,
of my father, brothers, a fearsome toll.
These men of courage, the war had taken
leaving two lonely women, bereft, forsaken.

A sprig of holly, red berry bright,
reflecting a single candle’s light.
They didn’t know then, that I had gone,
that death at Christmas, well, he had won.
That I would be laid under foreign soil,
and they too would perish, with no one to toil.
I glanced around and stared at each face,
as they huddled by the fireplace.

I saw the pure white driven snow,
brought by northern winds that blow,
from highland mountains, ragged, grey
on this fateful, wretched, Christmas day.

I’ve met them all I’m sure, since then,
a knowing, an understanding, if you ken.
We’ve travelled that long and dusty lane,
and here we are, all back again.
Laurie Smith© 2013


27 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry. A Laneway Dark.

  1. patgarcia

    Hi Bro,
    Your yearning, your search for whatever you are searching for comes out very clearly in this poem. It is a poem from your soul and I believe listening to the Christmas Carols awoke your unconscious desire to express yourself and the words flowed forth like a river.
    This is really an excellently written poem and I enjoyed reading it.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks so much Sis. I’ve missed your thoughtful responses. The poems that come from the depths tend to come out quickly and say the most. Yes there’s definitely something deep that needs to be expressed.


  2. Eli Pacheco

    What incredible talent, my friend. To paint the picture so vividly as you do with words … is it because you’re comfortable behind the lens, or are you a great photographer because you can string together the words like this?

    Reincarnation should be a more popular idea these days – in this day of green living and recycling.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thank you Eli. I’m not sure, I’ve never been asked this one before. I bring what I want to say into images in my mind. Then holding them there I put the words down to explain the image. With the photography it’s different, in many cases I can see the picture I want, then I take it. Constructing it a little first, then of course there is making the photo do what you want it to do afterwards. Although I do very little photo shopping, unless I’m making a piece of artwork. All that and patience, especially with animal shots, just hanging on until the right time.

      The old soul to my way of thinking keeps getting recycled, as long as they use the appropriate bin when I go. 🙂


  3. nataliescarberry

    Well done, Laurie! Loved the images and the emotions it brought. Even if one doesn’t believe in reincarnaton there are memory lanes we frequently travel, be they real or perceived. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Natalie. The thoughts and images come from somewhere deep with a lot of emotion attached to them. Yes it is all about perception, how we see and feel things.
      Laurie. 🙂


  4. hitandrun1964

    I also believe in reincarnation. The poem is lovely. i’m so glad you wrote and posted it. I hope your spirits are high and that your heart is filled with warm thoughts of the chicklets who think of you often with love. 🙂 Peep, peep, peep (aka: ho ho ho).


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thank you Gigi. I keep sticking my head up over the parapet with subjects I know that can be divisive. It’s what I believe, so I write about it with no expectation of anyone agreeing with me. 😉 I’m feeling pretty chirpy today, been to a friends place and took some xmas photos of the kids. I always feel better after a bit of photography. Make sure the chicklets are warm. 🙂



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