A grab bag from The Writer’s Room.

You’ve worked me out, right? Yes I love the view from my front door. A storm came through the other day and I went out to shoot a few cloud and sunset pics. We get a little of everything in on this one.


I think this is a huge selfie pic, yes that’s Lorelle and I down there in the mall. Taken in Adelaide, South Australia a few years ago.


This was taken outside the Silverton Hotel. No that isn’t our car it’s the one used in the Mad Max movies by Mel Gibson. I think it was Beyond Thunderdome, filmed in the nearby desert . This pic started of as a colour shot, a couple of deft tweaks and I think it’s a great B&W piece.


Even old wood looks different in B & W. We stopped at a roadside picnic area and I spotted this cattle loading ramp. It hasn’t felt the tread of hooves in many a year. Converted and given an old film treatment you have a different look at vintage timber.


Another conversion, this from a hastily taken shot as we drove past on the highway. I cut out all the extraneous bits and it left this. I thought at first the focus point was the big tree and the silos, yet the furrows in the foreground draws you to the hills in the background.


Gorillas at Taronga park zoo in Sydney. His eyes say it all, “This is my stick, keep away.” It seems that the hardest job a baby gorilla has is staying on mum’s back.


A different view of the Harbour Bridge, taken from the zoo.


A view of the Blue Mountains at Katoomba, New South Wales. A feature called The Three Sisters is out of sight on the left of the picture. The wind came in gusts followed by a little sleet, we had to go into the cafรฉ and buy gloves and beanies. The cliffs stand out nicely.


This started out as a fossil in a brown rock at Sydney museum, I reversed the colours added some extra brightness and stuck in a light burst.


This display is next to the horse and rider skeleton from last week’s post. A quick conversion to B & W, swap it around, antique it,ย then dramatise the contrast a little. That’s a cat after a rat in the bottom right.


I took this inside a railway carriage in a private museum outside of Cowra, NSW, The amount of memorabilia in them was astounding. I don’t know whether to call it, Caught in the Act, Unrequited Love, or Hurry up I’m Busting. Yes the mannequin is perched on the loo. We moved along and left them to it, let’s face it she was armless.


Yes it’s a hearse, at Cowra. The original pic was well, crappy now it’s, different. The dark smudges are all orbs and I think there is something spooky about the windows. Let the imagination run free.


That’s it for this week, a definite grab bag. I’ll still be having everyday stuff here but right now I’m experimenting.


30 thoughts on “A grab bag from The Writer’s Room.

  1. Owls and Orchids

    Really interesting Laurie, I’m amazed how much difference there is with the tweaking. I have a lot of learning to do. What photshop program do you use? Oh, and I need to get out and about a lot more :0 Susan x


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Susan. I use a couple of free ones, photoscape, Gimp and Arcsoft. My collection stretches back about 10 years now, I just wish I had bought a decent camera back then. ๐Ÿ™‚ A photographer friend told me that the photo is only the beginning, you can make art out of them.


      1. Owls and Orchids

        Thanks for the tips Laurie, now for the energy to get something interesting done… I have the family photos (loong story) on loan to me so I may be able to do something with them now. So dweeb stuck the really old photos in the albums …Wish me luck :0 Susan x Have a great weekend


  2. Pagadan

    Quite a diverse collection. The fossil is fascinating,and the colors of the Harbor Bridge and Blue Mountains seem like beautiful pastels. Were you experimenting with them too? I enjoyed the storm clouds also.


  3. nataliescarberry

    Loved all the photos and especially to ones where you were experimenting with special effects. I loved the grab bag idea, I may have to try that myself. Have a great weekend, Laurie Cheers, Natalie ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS. I thought I’d speak a little Australian in my closing tonight. Hee Hee


  4. kelihasablog

    You are just SO good at these shots…. What kind of camera are you using? I guess my pictures might be better if I didn’t have to take 80% of them from a speeding car… LOL


  5. talain45

    Wonderful images Laurie, the passing storm is simply beautiful. I’m a big fan of Mel Gibson and I enjoy his movie. I’ve always liked that car with it’s super charged engine. As a young man I dreamed of having one, it never happened. The rested of the B&W work is very nice as well. Well Laurie, thanks for sharing your images and narrations. I always look forwards to your posts. Have a Happy New Year and all of my best, Michael.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks so much Michael, coming from a photographer like yourself I’m honoured. I like that car too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy new Year it is going to be. I like the b & w stuff, especially for people.


  6. eightdecades

    The great thing about a grab bag is that we all have a different response, perhaps unintended, but it does awaken our imaginations. I enjoyed your post,m found the selections both very unlike each other and at the same time very much belonging together. In a broad stroke you showed your selves, your world, our world and the many things in it.
    NIce post.


  7. Raani York

    Amazing pics, Laurie!! – This time it’s the skeleton in the chair with the cat and rat that caught my attention. It made me shiver and smile to the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Getting better and better, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰



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