Midweek Poetry: The poet’s hand.

The Poet’s Hand.
The poet’s hand has stiffened,
and the inkwell has run dry.
The words have stopped their rhyming
but this is not goodbye.
The year’s been long and busy,
a rets is all I seek.
Then the rhymes will reappear,
when I pick up the pen next week.

For those who haven’t read Emma Smith’s Grave, here is the link. https://laurie27wsmith.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/emmas-grave/


15 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry: The poet’s hand.

  1. nataliescarberry

    Well, for someone who’s run out of rhymes that was pretty darned “rhymy” and nice. Relax and get some rest, Laurie. The rhyming spirit will move you again and you’ll take up your pen and dazzle us all. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


      1. thisisnotbangkok

        That’s okay. I was an English teacher for awhile back in another life, so I have a trained eye for things like that. I also plan to re-visit your other post with the Mad Max car, etc. I will be making some comments shortly…..


  2. Owls and Orchids

    Take care and in the words of the Clampetts (“Beverly Hillbilly’s) “pull up a chair, set a spell”… we’ll forget the roadkill stew 🙂 Look forward to the rhyming, timing, when you’re back. Camera, ready, set,…..GO! Bless, Susan x



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