You may have noticed the absence of poetry this week. I just want to let you all know that I will be OFF THE AIR until next Monday. Take care and I will see you all then.


35 thoughts on “TAKING A BREAK.

  1. lifechange90

    Careful Laurie… Air is good, not something you can take a break from… Not like grog or ciggies – you need this. I must ask you to reconsider.. Take some time off to think about it and let us know, please…!

    Cheers, enjoy the break,


      1. lifechange90

        Read it Laurie… So glad you’re OK Mate, we were worried… Susan especially, I know the devil is terrified of you and Heaven’s not ready either, so we are stuck with you for a fair while longer! LOL

        Seriously, glad you’re back. Best wishes, but take it easy on the recovery road mate, you’re precious to us all, as well as the lovely lady beside you!


      2. laurie27wsmith Post author

        Thanks Ray, with all the near misses over time I don’t think I’m wanted in either place. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll take it easy Mate, I don’t want to be a head on a stick typing with my nose.


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