Around the block from The Writer’s Room.

More shots from a trip to Brisbane. A pond in the botanical gardens, definitely a serene, cool place to be. The water dragons think so too.

Brisbane botanical gardens

A great piece of stonemasons art, I think it’s supposed to be a printer’s devil. It’s on the old government printing office. They knew how to build great structures in those days.

printer's devil

Queen Victoria’s statue outside of the old treasury building, it’s now a casino. A touch of irony there I think.

Queen Victoria


This fig tree in the botanical gardens isn’t going anywhere, at all.

fig tree

Even the metal kangaroos look cute and adorable.

statue roo

Treasury casino and hotel, taken from the corner of Victoria Bridge and North Quay. I will have to get a night shot.


Looking north up the Brisbane River from the Botanical gardens. The Storey Bridge is on the right. The buildings are between the City and Fortitude Valley.

Brisbane river

Justice looked like any other statue around the town, so I thought I would give the old girl a different look. Quite a nice statue actually.


Rent a bicycle, they’re all over the place. I nearly got cleaned up by a Japanese tourist in the botanic gardens on one of them. Silent and deadly.

cycles for hire

The façade on this building in George street reminds me of flowing water.


This picture started life as a rubbish, long distance shot down the paddock. I went outside with my camera and this hare spotted me near the shed and took off. By the time I reacted and went for the shot he was well away. So I worked in layers and masks, coloured him and the branch up then made a watercolour picture. He certainly showed me a clean pair of furry heels.

hare on the run

This young lady allowed me to take her picture, I put a donation in her case. My, didn’t she belt out a mean piece of jazz. Working in layers and masks again, I made a B&W picture, then highlighted the saxophone, oh and her ring.

Sax player

I may have a surprise for next Wednesday, more Wallabies but you’ve never seen them like this before. I hope you’ve enjoyed a brief view of Brisbane.  Remember all these pics look better when viewed in a new tab or window. Until next week, Cheers,


23 thoughts on “Around the block from The Writer’s Room.

  1. Holistic Wayfarer

    L, I tried to visit but couldn’t pull you up from my email notifications of your old likes this wk. So I was so glad you popped in again today. Made my visit possible. =) The pix are so vivid. The colors are amazing. Quite a journey!



  2. hitandrun1964

    I may have to visit Australia. It’s so beautiful. Wow! Love the mechanical kangaroos:) Building is beautiful…it’s all beautiful. Sigh, green, lush, sunny, warm…sigh again.


  3. Raani York

    I love these pics… (except maybe the mechanical Kangaroo. But that’s only my taste…
    What I find extremely fascinating is the fig tree! It’s amazing… so beautiful.
    And the first picture is my very favorite in this series. I LOVE these phantasy tickling tiny little spring water falls. Awesome, Laurie!!


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Mechanical roos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea Raani but they are strange. 🙂 The waterfall is definitely a cool spot though. That fig tree is different, I honestly don’t think it will blow away anytime soon. Thanks for dropping in Raani. 🙂


  4. Pagadan

    A wonderful combination of serenity at the pool, architecture, ominous trees and robot kangaroos, and more–all fun and beautiful to look at, but the hare is outstanding.


  5. davidprosser

    A great tour Laurie. I especially love the old Print Office and you skill at colouring in on the b&w pictures is great.When I tried that I was all over the place.
    All the best mate.



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