Guest Post: Laurie of The Adventure of Writing, on What to Bring to My Barbecue

Something a little different here folks. Eli form Coach Daddy invited me to write about the five things I’d take to his BBQ. So pop over for a look and a lovely new picture of yours truly.

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc photo credit: Stéfan via photopincc

When I started this blog years ago, I thought it would be the voice of dudes everywhere.

Boy, was I wrong.

Roughly 92% of my followers are women. Roughly the same percentage of male bloggers write like women. I feel like I write for women. Not like. Big difference. I won’t say things like squee! or totes adorbs or “said no one ever.” I think those aren’t manly terms.

My No. 1 fan in terms of comment engagement happens to be a bloke.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Laurie of The Adventure of Writing, on What to Bring to My Barbecue

    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      Thanks Joy. Yes it’s my favourite hat. I run my Stetson over with the tractor slasher one day. 😦 The Akubra (brand name) is good, they’re fur/felt and get into a great shape.


  1. davidprosser

    You don’t have to take your cricket bat if you’re taking all the food Laurie, surely you can play rounders with them, it should cause less confusion. After all, the real rules of cricket are as bad as your set and you’d spend the day explaining them.
    I think I can remember as far back as the last cold one I chugged but it was a good old Brit beer called Robinsons or maybe Smiths but not John ‘Willie’ Lees. Remember them?
    Now have a good time, don’t overeat and remember to say thank you to anyone left standing after they found out they ate Skippy. Oh, and make sure you fill the mower for the return journey, petrol’s a lot cheaper over there.


    1. laurie27wsmith Post author

      I need to show those in the far flung colonies that they’re missing out on a great game David. I was only nine when I left England mate so I knew nothing about beer then. Although when I went back I drank some Dutch beer. 😦 Nothing wrong with a bit of Skippy mate it’s quite nice. Although many would faint after eating crocodile. I’ve filled up and I’m on the way home, have to keep stopping for a pee though.
      PS I’m getting to your blog now.



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